A heavy and likely irreversible trend highlights the fact that domain parking brings no more substantial income, most often insufficient to cover the domain name renewal fees.

In these conditions, mini-sites are becoming more common, and to a lesser extent the development of real sites and domain name rental. But at the end, the profitability is rarely consistent

Most of those present in the market consider the domain name acquisition as a medium to long term investment that pays off in sales domains names, not through any advertising revenue generated.

Domain name parking

Parking is extremely simple to set up. Just declare its domain name DNS host parking service and a page full of ads, more or less optimized, is generated automatically.

These pages also usually indicate if the domain name is for sale and possibly at what price.

For years, domain name parking has provided millions of dollars a year to a lot of domainers.

But nowadays, the performances have steadily degrade. Due to the fight against cybersquatting and typosquatting, or the popularization of favorites or search bars, the click rate lowered to the same pace that people have been tired of these pages without interest.

Domain name parking 1.0, corresponding to free content and pages crammed with advertising links, is behind us now.

Parking 2.0

Among the main limitations of the car park mentioned above, the main drawback is to be limited to the direct navigation traffic. Although parking pages are usually properly indexed by search engines, it is strictly forbidden by search engines and parking service providers to link to such pages, which drastically reduces the chance to generate traffic from search engines.

Domain name parking 2.0 offers an automated way to perform mini-sites, by aggregating content from RSS feeds, free articles, videos, images, news, and all kinds of services available for free. The result is graphically quite good, but the performances in terms of traffic and revenues have been disappointing so far.

Despite progress made ​​by domain name parking 2.0, which is characterized by the automated production of textual and other media content, incomes do not take off and more and more voices within the domain name industry foresee its early end.

Mini-sites, sites and domain name rental

Mini-sites production tends to grow, even if the investment returns are barely better than parking pages for more stringent efforts.

Indeed, you must initially either produce an internet site or ordered one from a subcontractor and do the same thing for SEO. That what we call webmainer, which is a contraction of the term "webmaster" and "domainer".

Sometimes domain name owners make the choice of the development of real sites, but it is rare that profitability is quickly gained. The most cost effective solution is generally the domain name rental, but it is difficult to find renters, except for very high quality domain names.