The choice of host for the website is essential. A bad host, synonymously frequently inaccessible, could be damaging to your business and your site, especially if it is an e-shop.

To help you navigate the jungle of hosting offers, here are the criteria to be checked to refine your choice, depending on your needs and existing offerings.

Hosting offers

Shared or dedicated server

This is the first point to be determined according to your needs:

  • Shared hosting

This is when several sites from different companies or individuals are hosted on the same server. Server resources are then shared, traffic and disk space limited. The most economical solution for sites that do not generate significant (site showcases TPE or SMEs) traffic.

  • Dedicated hosting

It is when you rent or buy a server for yourself. You can host multiple websites within the limits of available disk space. The traffic is unlimited. For sites that generate a lot of traffic and a lot of resources (online stores).

Domain Name

Check if the registration of the domain name is included or not in the hosting offer. If you already have a domain name for your website, you can upload it to the web host of your choice.

eMail accounts

Some web hosts offer you to create one or more email accounts with extension to the domain of your website. One on behalf of your company, your name and one for each of your employees, if you wish. For example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., more professional than, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.... Your mails are then hosted on the server of the web host.

Web host capacity

  • Disk space

Depending on whether your site contains pages of text or pages with videos, music and HD pictures, you will need more or less disk space,5 MB to 50 GB!

  • Traffic

It is calculated based on the expected number of visitors, page views and the average weight of these pages. This determines the bandwidth and flow you need. I can be 10 to 2000 GB per month. No need to take too much bandwidth, but do not underestimate either the number of visitors, at risk of stretch loading time of your site.

The selection criteria and quality

Availability and technical assistance

A website often unavailable, this may have negative consequences for your business: bad image, reduced activity in the case of an e-shop, bad SEO, messaging unavailable, etc.. Better then it is a quick and effective technical assistance, as web hosting is never 100% reliable.

To be sure of a quality support, verify that the host guarantees an intervention (GIT) and recovery time (GRT) time, with penalties for failure to comply with these commitments.

Do not go beyond reading the general terms and conditions (GTC), in particular to ensure these conditions for assistance.


  • Regular and complete backups of your website, to prevent any loss of contents.
  • Data encryption to mitigate external attacks
  • Room hosting secure server equipped with Uninterruptable Power System, air conditioning and a generator to provide power in the event of a power outage, so that your website does not suffer any cuts.

Updates and scalability

Make sure you have the ability to update your site on your own, thanks to intuitive configuration interface, in order to not having to call the property manager for each change.

Make sure that your hosting service can evolve and grow along with your website.

Optional services

    • Visitor statistics of your website.
    • Antispam / antivirus.
    • Additional communication tools: forum, blog, chat, contact form with databases.
    • Audio / video streaming.
    • Mailing lists for sending newsletters.
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. It is a protocol for transferring files over the Internet that allows the exchange of large files between machines, servers, etc.., In order to compensate for the weight restrictions for attachments sent by email.

Providers,,,,, , etc.. A more complete list is available on this article : Choose a free or paid web hosting.

For web hosting without optional services, the cost varies between 3 and 40 $ / month , according to the ordered web hosting possibilities. Attention to low-cost web hosting that attractive to price, less for services and particularly technical assistance.

If your are a professional, do not hesitate to ask your provider agency or independent if they are the ones who made your professional website . A web agency can obtain favorable conditions for hosting your site , because it treats volumes .

Bet on known web hosts rather than young firms, they are more likely to go out of business.

If for equal services , you hesitate between several providers , you can search their online reputation by looking review sites and participating in forums. But keep in mind that some unhappy customers make more noise than the vast majority of satisfied customers.