To make available a website 24/7 it is necessary that it be hosted on a permanently connected Internet server. Technically it is possible to host your website yourself provided you have a flow upstream sufficiently important. However, in order to render quality service to visitors, it is advisable to use the services of a web host.

What's web hosting

A web host is a company offering websites hosting on dedicated servers permanently connected to the internet at very high speed.

We usually distinguish the following types of web hosting:

  • Free web hosting
  • Professional web hosting (paid)
    • shared/mutualized hosting: it is an offer of web hosting where the server hosts a large number of websites
    • dedicated hosting: it is a full rental server, what means that you are sharing your server with no one else
    • housing : This offer consists of installing your own server(s) at a web host either through renting dedicated or shared hosting

Free web hosting

Internet service providers typically offer a free web hosting with a rather limited storage space.
Therefore there are many sites offering such free services, but it is essential to look in detail the conditions under which the service is provided.

Indeed, the web hosting service is often made in exchange for advertising on the site, either in a corner or in the form of pop-ups. On the other hand, access time to this kind of service is pretty average and the availability of the website is not guaranteed.

It should be noticed that it is relatively rare to set up a domain name with this type of web hosting but it is still possible to set up a redirect from the domain name to the URL provided by the free web host (ie


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