A heavy and likely irreversible trend highlights the fact that domain parking brings no more substantial income, most often insufficient to cover the domain name renewal fees.

In these conditions, mini-sites are becoming more common, and to a lesser extent the development of real sites and domain name rental. But at the end, the profitability is rarely consistent

Most of those present in the market consider the domain name acquisition as a medium to long term investment that pays off in sales domains names, not through any advertising revenue generated.

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To find the web hosting that suits your needs, you need to define criteria based on your site. Indeed, all web hosts do not provide the same benefits, and it would be pointless to pay a sophisticated web hosting if your website has only a few static web pages in plain HTML (no PHP, MySQL, ASP, etc ...). Very good free web hosts perform these functions very well.

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To make available a website 24/7 it is necessary that it be hosted on a permanently connected Internet server. Technically it is possible to host your website yourself provided you have a flow upstream sufficiently important. However, in order to render quality service to visitors, it is advisable to use the services of a web host.

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